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The majority of CrossFit® websites remain rarely updated because frankly, it's just not a straight forward process. Here at EliteBoxSites™, we make the entire process way too easy. With our state of the art technology and seamless navigation, you'll be itching to update your site just to use it! Check out just some of the nifty features we provide.

Edit Directly On your Page

no Coding whatsoever!

Goodbye complicated Wordpress dashboard, and hello to yellow boxes. They indicate the content you can update. Click on one and update content directly on the page. What you see is exactly what it will look like on your live website.



Adding a daily WOD to your website is as simple as clicking a button, typing the workout and hitting publish! Your WOD collection is sorted and presented clearly.



Not happy with a particular image? Easy, just swap it out with a different one with our drag 'n' drop feature. Videos are just as simple!


Add & Delete to the Collection!

If you have a carousel of images on your page, we provide the tools to easily edit, add and delete without writing a piece of code! With Wordpress, this is an absolute chore.

Live Instantly

NO Filezilla Nightmare!

Saved changes are instantly pushed to the live website. Have control over all the content on your site.

already have a website?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you lacking visitors to your site?

Is it ranked low on Google search?

Is it responsive?

Is it SEO friendy?

Is it just not working for your box?

All of these factors will directly affect the number of members signing up to your box. The ones listed above are just a few of the common cases. We can help you fix that. Sign up, provide your website details and we can discuss ways to improve your site.

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When you established your affiliate, can you honestly say that having a website was essential to operations? A lot of people ignore the fact that having an online presence is actually one of the main drivers of maintaining a steady flow of free trial customers which eventually lead to a regular income.  We can't emphasise enough the importance of creating an online brand for your box, and it is our duty to get that message across.

Increase Memberships

Imagine if only 2% signed up for a free trial to your box. Now also imagine if your website attracted say 1000 visitors per month. If only 2% signed up for a membership, that's 20 people per month you could be losing! Our aim is to increase this number by building CrossFit® websites that focus on aspects that maximises visitors to your website on a regular basis.

Maximise Profits

This is a no brainer. Increasing box memberships has a flow on effect of maximising your profits. This brings a whole new dimension, in that not only do you have a website that will bring in constant traffic, but you will now have a customer base that will love your service and spread it like wild fire via word of mouth and social media. This compounding effect will only continue to grow if all the necessary steps are taken. We can help you with the very first one.

Save Time

Members are always the number one priority when it comes to running an affiliate. So it comes as no surprise that time spent on other things like maintaining a website, is time that could've otherwise been more productive in other areas. Partnering with us minimises upkeep of your website, because the system we put into place facilitates mind-bogglingly easy editing and updating, allowing you more freedom to concentrate on what you do best.

We've Got You Covered

We take all of the guesswork away from you and deliver not only a polished CrossFit® website, but also things you would otherwise have to pay for.


We provide fast local servers on which your brand spanking new website will live. 

Free Domain

If you currently do not own a domain name, you can acquire one with us when you sign up for either the RX or Elite plans, free of charge!

Free Email

No longer do you have to pay for email for your CrossFit® box, when we can set one up for you no hassles!

Backed Up

Every edit and update that you make on your website is mirrored with a complete back up automatically. In the event that you would like to revert to a previous version of your site, we can make it happen.


We provide SSL security for your website, so visitors have the peace of mind that any form of information exchanged is highly encrypted.

99.99% Uptime

We guarantee that once your site is up and running, that it will remain up and running for as long as the Internet is around!

Support Forever

Lastly, but not least, we are here for you. Any questions or assistance you may require, will be answered in good time.


In order for new members to find you, your CrossFit® website needs to rank high on Google search results. Thankfully, we know exactly what it takes to get you there. Ranking high means more people can more easily find your site, which means more visitors, and more potential members. We provide 6 main ingredients in cooking up a CrossFit website that Google will love.


Search Engine Optimisation is a big beast, one most people don't like to tame. It's all about impressing the search engines, primarily Google. We can help you tame this beast. We've already done the majority of the technical work! The happier Google is with your website, the higher you will rank for your search terms. 


With our SSD storage, image and video lazy loading, we build efficient and fast loading CrossFit® websites that Google will adore. All the content is static, which means there is no dependency on a backend database, further reducing page load times.


Our websites are designed and built from scratch. Unlike Wordpress themes, which don't inherit irrelevant baggage from other themes. Countless times, you'll see Wordpress sites with plugins and components that aren't even used. Completely eliminating all of this, and only including what's necessary will do wonders for your site.

Local Servers

Our servers situated locally, which means the websites we create are served blazingly fast over the Internet. This is beneficial to you since you'll be aiming directly at the local market of CrossFit® potentials.  Coupled with our 99.99% uptime, our servers will ensure you have the best possible access to your customers, facilitating superior loading times and a faster browsing experience.


Google reward websites that not only display brilliantly on PCs, but also render perfectly on mobile devices. If you're on a PC at the moment, go ahead and resize this website, and watch it accommodate to the window real estate. This comes for free when you sign up with us!


On top of serving locally, we also proxy your website through a content distribution network, which preserve local copies of your website files, meaning load times reduce even further. They are refreshed on a regular basis and facilitate higher availability and reliabilty of your content.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Generally speaking, we'd love to just ramble on about all the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating a system that makes the lives of CrossFit® owners like yourself, that much easier. But we believe they speak for themselves.

David Morris, owner of Crossfit 5000, had been through a couple of iterations of their website and had been looking for a solution that suited their needs. We mapped out a design tailored for their box and formulated the landing page to maximise free trial opportunity. The result after launch generated a dramatic increase in free trial leads. It's always satisfying knowing that the simple things do work.

George and AJ, owners of The Box Community, were looking to revitalise their existing website and approached us to redesign it with the aim of developing a sleek and modern feel that matched their company theme. Our vision was to create a site which would load efficiently, provide ease of usability and facilitate user engagement.

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Satisfied customers

We couldn't be happier with the service we received. Within the incredibly short timeline, EliteBoxSites™ still managed to deliver the project ahead of time. Would definitely recommend their services to any CrossFit® related business looking to revitalise their online presence.

- Ben Norman

Using EliteBoxSites™ was the best business decision we ever made. It now creates a ton of new leads, and is leaps and bounds above our competitors' sites. Wodify was easily integrated, cutting down on admin time. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone serious about generating more leads and having a professional and welcoming site that sells. Great job.

- David morris

If you are looking for a new website to promote your business then Mark from EliteBoxSites™ is the man to see! They re-created The Box Community's website and did an amazing job... it looks great and functions really well! They are patient and have amazing attention to detail. I couldn't recommend them more... thanks Mark! PS - They don't just create CrossFit websites ;-)

- George Moustakas

Where Do I Sign up?

If you're signing up, congratulations, you're well on your way to creating a commanding online presence. If you're still unsure, please still go ahead and sign up so we can touch base with you, and go over anything you like. Otherwise, come say hello to us at FitWars 11, we'll have stall there if you would like to have a chat.

Step 1.

Sign Up

Once you've submitted the online form, we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can, and we can talk about which plan below you'd like to choose.

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Step 2.


We then create your website. During this time, we can discuss the information, images and colours that will be used.  Any suggestions that you have will be used to create a tailored look for your site.

Step 3.


It's time to launch and celebrate! The time from sign up to inception depends on whether a custom theme has been selected, in which case, creation time will take slightly longer, as the theme will be designed from scratch.

Choose A Plan

Regardless of the chosen plan, the website created in the process will be given the same love in any case. Please do note that the Scaled option does not include a free domain name. However, our most popular RX option does, as well as an increase storage and bandwidth. If you require a rather large storage capacity and expect a high volume of traffic, then we recommend the Elite plan.

Setup Costs




Free Domain
Free Email
Inline Editing
Local Servers
Back Up

** This applies to a 24 month contract, with an early termination fee of $150. 

Each plan includes a standard theme tailored to suit your unique look and feel. If you would like a custom theme, indicate it on sign up as pricing will vary depending on design elements. For additional services such as logo design, social media campaigns, and professional images of your box to complement your elite website, visit our 


 page for more information.